A unique experience in contact with the most pristine nature.

Proposed and supported by Quinto Alpini Hut and Forni Hut to offer a new way of living and discovering the mountain, the Confinale Tour represents a unique experience to find yourself in contact with the most pristine nature.

A circular itinerary linking the ZEBRU’ VALLEY with FORNI VALLEY to travel by foot or by mountain bike, away from the city stress, in the middle of glaciers, valleys and woods.

An always different and amazing route, between the Stelvio National Park and the magnificent valleys of this region..

Suggested period: from 20 June to 20 September.

Valleus to discover
height of mount Confinale
customizable itineraries
according to your need
The highest point of trek

Untouched nature and majestic landscapes.

The Confinale Tour is suitable for everyone because it was meant to be customizable and modulable, from 2 to 5 stages, according to the time available and to the physical preparation.
Its peculiar circular configuration allows to start from the Parking lot of the cosy Forni Hut, or from that in Niblogo (Zebrù Valley), depending on the direction you want to take the Tour.

The poetry of a matchless flora and fauna, landscapes unique in the world, the warm hospitality of our huts, the perfect management: everything will bewitch you and will make this experience absolutely unforgettable.

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