Discovering the huts of Upper Valtellina with the Confinale Tour.

The Confinale Tour is an interesting route, full of surprises and extremely modulable from 2 to 5 stages, according to the time available and to the physical preparation. Since this is a circular itinerary, the point of departure can be the Parking of the cosy Forni hut, or the one in Niblogo (Zebrù Valley), depending on the direction you want to take the Tour.

Besides the two “classical” routes you can add stages to your trek, climb up to the Casati Hut at 3250 m to enjoy the priceless view of the King of Cedec Valley, the Gran Zebrù, or to watch the sunset on the wonderful Cevedale Glacier.

You just have to add one stage and go through the Pizzini hut, to continue on the steep trail leading to the Casati Hut.

A further possibility is to extend the “itinerary 3 days” and, always in the vicinity of Pizzini hut, cross the creek to take the path leading you to the Branca Hut. You can also split the stages and stop-over at Campo Hut or at Pizzini Hut.

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Tempi di Percorrenza

From the parking lot at Rifugio Campo Niblogo – 2 hours

From Rifugio Campo to Rifugio Quinto Alpini – 2 hours / 2 hours

From Rifugio Quinto Alpini to Rifugio Pizzini – 3 hours / 3 hours

From Rifugio Pizzini to Rifugio Casati – one hour / one hour and a half

From Rifugio Pizzini the Rifugio Branca – 2 hours

From Rifugio Pizzini at Rifugio Forni – one hour / one hour and a quarter

From the refuge to Rifugio Branca Ovens – 40 minutes

Discovering the Ortles Cevedale hutte Italy | Giro del Confinale nel gruppo Ortles Cevedale