Discovering the Ortles Cevedale Group.

Suggestive and accessible itinerary, the circular tour to travel in three days is suitable for families and groups of hikers and trekking lovers.

This route includes stages of 4/6 hours’ walk and give boundless views through Zebrù Valley, Cedec Valley and Confinale Valley, among streams, ancient trees, colourful and flowers with enticing scents.

A really priceless experience, especially for children, who can discover animal species impossible to see elsewhere.

Suggested period: from 20 June to 20 September.

Where to sleep

The two overnight stays are expected at V Alpini Hut at 2877 m in Zebrù Valley, unmatchable for the incredibly suggestive position and the warm hospitality, and Forni Hut at 2200 m, where a comfortable stay is waiting for you and the outstanding and always appreciated cuisine of Chefs.

Three days in the spirit of sport, tastes of Valtellina specialties and the hospitality of these cosy huts.

Details of the itinerary

Departure of the tour: Parking lot in Niblogo

Charming and unblemished, maybe the wildest one, the Zebrù Valley is one of the most evocative valleys of Stelvio National and it welcomes the hikers with its very rich fauna and mild slopes for a full immersion into the purest and most generous nature, also suitable for the less experienced hikers.

Particularly here, you can observe animal species that you see nowhere else like the Lammergeier and the Golden Eagle together with deer, ibex, chamois, squirrels, groundhogs and foxes.

A really priceless experience especially for young children.

Day 1

From the parking lot in Niblogo to V° Alpini Hut crossing the magnificent and wild Zebrù Valley, initially on a comfortable dirt road, then on a convenient and smooth trail in the last stretch.

  • Travel time: from 4 to 5 hours
  • Elevation gain: + 1250 m
  • Overnight stay: at Quinto Alpini Hut
Day 2

From Quinto Alpini Hut to Forni Hut crossing the Zebrù Pass.
From Quinto Alpini Hut you descend into the final part of Zebrù valley to the nice waterfall that is fed by Miniera ice. From here, you climb up to the Zebrù Pass at 3010 m, where you enjoy a breathtaking view of the Ortles-Cevedale Group and the Tredici Cime. Then you continue to descend through the Cedec Valley, initially in the direction of the Pizzini Hut, then towards the Forni Hut for the overnight stay.

    • Travel time: from 4 to 5 hours
    • Elevation gain: ascent 400 m | descent 1100 m
    • Overnight stay at Forni Hut
Day 3

From Forni Hut to the Parking lot in Niblogo.
The longest stage, but on flat trail. You pass through the agritourism Ables and after a series of suggestive changes of landscapes, through the Confinale Valley, firstly you reach the Baite di Cavallaio then you descend into the Zebrù Valley to go back to the Parking lot in Niblogo, where you left the car.

  • Travel time: 6 hours
  • Elevation gain: ascent 250 m – descent 750 mt
  • Arrival at the Parking lot in Niblogo
How to reach the Parking lot in Niblogo

From Bormio, along the SS 300 towards S. Caterina Valfurva, you reach San Nicolò Valfurva, where, following the large yellow signs indicating “Stelvio National Park” and “5° Alpini Hut”, you turn left towards Madonna dei Monti, and, after a few kilometres, you reach the hamlet Niblogo, where you can park your car in the ample parking lot (alternatively, you can also park in the parking lot, loc. “Santelle”).

Organized trekking

Trekking three days in a ring | Giro del Confinale nel gruppo Ortles Cevedale